Alam kuh information(Where is Alam kuh)

Alam kuh information(Where is Alam kuh)


Where is Alam kuh ? Takht-e-Solomon region with circa160 peaks over 4000 meters, glaciers and granite walls at a height of 550 meters is one of the largest mountain zone in Iran. At the height of 4850 meters above sea level Alam Kuh stands as the highest peak of this region and Iran's second highest peak.

Although mount Damavand is the highest peak in the country but with no doubt. Is it possible ski tour on Alam kuh? Yes Alam Kuh offers the best ski touring tour in Iran so that in spring time when snow has been completely melted in other region likeZagros we can still enjoy the powder snow in Alam Kuh tour. Of course we have to mention that ascending the 4850 meters Alam Kuh summit is the best way to acclimatize and a guarantee if one like to ascend mount Damavand.

Where is Alam kuh location? Since Alam Kuh is located in north of Iran the   opportunity to visit caspian see, the largest lake in the world, is also possible. These circumstances makes Takht-e-Solomon region into a paradise for mountaineers.


Alam kuh information:(climbing routs) Hessar Chal path (Alam kuh South Face):

This is the easiest path to reach the summit. Apart from Alam kuh, one can also climb different summit from this path such as: Great and Small Lashgharak, Siyah Kamar, the Strait of the Throat, Gardaneh Kouh, the Menareh and the South/North Khersans. Normally the livestock can be used for carrying the cargo in these region.


Alam Kuh Information:(great Wall)

This granite wall with 4100 to 4850 meters height located on the north face of summit is the most difficult wall in Iran and one of the well known walls in the world. Difficult situation such as access to the beginning of the wall, being located on the northern face with no sunshine at the cold zone and especially the material of wall that are of granite make this wall one of the most popular and challenging rock climbing areas.

So far wall-mountaineers from France, Austria, Italy, Poland, Germany, and also many cities in Iran , such as Hamedan, Tehran, Kermanshah, Qazvin, Karaj, Arak, and Tabriz have been honored to open different routs on this wall.


Alam Kuh History:

The first route on the wall was conquered on the july 26th,1964 by an Austrian name Harry Roset and Fazlullah Amir A’laie from Iran. They almost succeeded to the end of wall but could not reach the summit. After that in july 1966 four wall-mountaineers from France could manage to open a route up to the summit by utilizing part of the Harry Roset ascended route in the course of a 25-day large-scale project.

In 1969 three Polish wall-mountaineers spent three nights on the wall and unsealed a tough and hard route name “Poland 48th” to the summit.The Polish also managed to open two other routes on this wall.

The first Iranian opening was carried out by Arash Club Team in Tehran in 1983.

In 200 the author of this article along with several wall-mountaineers begin to open a straight route name karajian that was between “Poland 48th” and the central route without leaving instruments behind (clean clim b).

After several years of attempts in 2009, this team succeeded in completing this route which at the end is in common with “Poland 48th”route.This route can be called one of the most difficult and of course cleanest in terms of leaving behind equipment and wall erosion.

But one of the major climbs in the history of this wall is winter of 2013.The winter ascend of “Poland 48th” route that has been successfully accomplished was the result of coherent efforts of a team led by the author of this article. 

Over the years ascending this great wall is still a charming attraction for their lovers. in recents years many young wall-mountaineers like to challenge their abilities and enjoy ascending an exceptional wall at altitude of over 4000 meters above sea level.