Damavand information

Damavand information

Mount Damavand, a potentially active volcano , is a stratovolcano which is the highest peak in  Iran and the highest volcano in Asia . Damavand has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore. Damavand is a significant mountain in  Persian mythology. It is the symbol of Iranian resistance against despotism and foreign rule in Persian poetry and literature. In a later version of the same legend, the tyrant  Zahhak was also chained in a cave somewhere in Mount Damavand after being defeated by Kaveh and Fereydun . Persian poet Ferdowsi depicts this event in his masterpiece, the Shahnameh:

Mount Damavand is located between Tehran and Mazandaran province in Polour area. Polour is the village in Haraz road that is a route between Tehran to Caspian Sea (Amoul city). There are 2 Iran federation’s lodges for transferring the climbers to Damavand peak. 

There are 29 routes for ascending.

The most popular route is the southern route .there is some low risk of avalanche in winter due to the depth of snow.

Access path: Tehran,Haraz Road,Polour ,Polour Mountian Complex(base camp)

Head to Goosfansara by 4*4 car

6 hours hiking to Bargah-e-sevom to the height of 4200m

8 hours trekking from Bargah-e-sevom to peak

8 hours trekking from peak to Gosfandsara


 Services of Polour Mountain Complex





Services of Bargah-e-sevom



Mobile network is available in some places 


 Western Face

This route is one of the easiest routes for ascending to Damavand .locating in the most beautiful view in one hand and little crowded is it's privileged. Its IRANHORIZON’s suggestion. Iran Horizon will provide you probable equipment. In this face like another face.

Drive by 4*4 car to ChakEskandar

3hours hiking to shelter

9hours hiking to the peak

6hours takes back to Chakeskandar

 Eastern Face

The longest route to achieve peak is related to this route. The massive glacier of Iran called Yakhar is placed in this ascending route.

  • Begin from Gazaneh which its height is 1700m.
  • 12 hours hiking to shelter which its height is 4400m
  • 7hours hiking from shelter to peak
  • 4hours hiking from peak to shelter
  • 7hours hiking from shelter to Gazaneh village


Shelter with 4400m  area and 15 person capacity.


North East Face

North route of Damavand Mount prosperous more beauty . its demands more technical and longest hiking. keep in mind due to its longest route you need more time in this face.

 Head to Nandel village with the height of 2300m

Move to Alamian Goosfandsara by 4*4 car

10 hours hiking to shelter with the height of 4400m 

7hours hiking from shelter to peak 

4hours hiking back peak to shelter

4hours hiking from peak to shelter 

6hours hiking and back from shelter to Goosfandsara

Services :

The historic house at Nandel village with bedroom, bathroom, toilet

Shelter in the height of 4400 m with a capacity of 15 person



North Face

Shorter and more slope route which is suitable for a mountaineer with more physical readiness.

It predicts a more interesting route for technical mountaineers.

Move from Nandol Village in height of 2300m

Move from Nandol to Alamian Goosfandsara by 4*4 car

5 hours trekking to shelter in 4000m height

3hours trekking to shelter in 5000m height

4hours hiking to the peak

4hours hiking from peak to shelter in height of 4000m

3 hours hiking back from shelter to Gosfandsara



Shelter in the height of 4000m, capacity for 6 person

Shelter in the height of 5000m, capacity for 6 person

 You can take advantage of Iran Horizon services like professional guides who are alongside you through climbing. We are so strict in selecting an efficient team for your prosperity and satisfaction.

Iran horizon services:

  • Possibility of settlement at mountain complex and shelters
  • Set technical tent 
  • Full board meals and hot drinks in camp
  • Provide feeding box during hiking
  • Transfer services including transfer to basecamp, 4*4 car for driving to starting the route, a mule for delivering the burden
  • Permit license 
  • Personal Equipment mountain