Iran ski touring tour information | Iran Ski Touring Guide Book

Iran ski touring tour information | Iran Ski Touring Guide Book

Iran ski touring information Iran Ski Touring Guide

After years of experience as an Iran mountain guide teamand Iran ski touring guide and discovering mountain routes for Iran ski touring tour , I decided to write about my experiences. Although ski touring is a young and developing sport in Iran but because of existence of high peaks like Mountain Damavand and Mountain Alam Kuh, high snow fall, young mountaineering population, and long history of Alpine skiing, the sport has gained improvement in recent years. The reality is ski touring in Iran is still novice compared to Europe. Also economic problems in the country and expensive equipment are big obstacles preventing advancement in the sport for enthusiasts.

Iran Ski Touring similar to Europe is split into two groups: Adventure and Racing. Right now domestic competitions are performed continuously for Men and Women. It’s been a few years since enthusiasts have passed international courses in referee training and race design so that high quality competitions can be performed. These efforts have made Iran Ski Touring get valuable medals in men’s and women’s sections.

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Iran Ski Touring tour: Ascending peaks

Iran Ski Touring like other countries, has a lot of followers. Many years have passes since ski touring experts from Europe have had a presence on Mountain Damavand, and and Zagros Area Mountains. I have 25 year of experience in mountaineering and until 2008, I didn’t know anything about the sport. For years in order to ascend a peak in winter, we would sink up to our chest in snow and be happy for our valuable efforts. In general, mountaineering in Iran meant anyone who could open a path in deep snow is a stronger mountaineer. Although we know about snow shoes but for ascending high peaks in Iran seamed useless.

The deceased Farshad Khalili is the founder of Iran ski touring. He was the only Iran ski touring guide at the time and would take European skiers to Zagros ski tour and Mountain damavand ski tour . He was one of the best mountaineer and rock climber and had a brilliant history in ascending Himalaya peaks. Unfortunately in the beginning he didn’t know how to ski and with help from Iran Alpine ski instructors learned how to ski and practiced in Dizin ski resort. After a short time with a good record in mountaineering managed to become the first Iran ski touring guide. This marks official start of Iran ski touring. Unfortunately he passed away in winter of 2009 in an avalanche tragedy with 10 students around Dizin ski resort area.

I learned about ski touring for the first time in year 2008 while I was ascending Nangparbat. Ascending peaks while ski touring was so interesting for me that right there I promised my friends if I ascend the peak and go back home, my first project is going be to teach skiing and that’s exactly what happened. In winter of 2008 my friend, Hossein Salehi who was learning mountain skiing for a few years, and we started to practice skiing in Dizin and Darbandsar ski resort. Our equipment was very elementarily and of poor quality. In that time in Iran we could find even one good set for ski touring. Now companies like Ortovox, Lasportiva, G3, Movment, Dynafit, dps ski, Diamir, and pieps have descent shops in Tehran and if you need any ski touring equipment you can get it from them. If you need their address all you need to do is contact Iran Horizon.

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Iran Ski Touring Guides

Finding a good Iran ski touring guide is most important thing that you have to consider in your Iran ski touring tour.

After a long time ski touring enthusiasts have increased in Iran, and more tourists come for ski touring in Iran especially Mountain Damavand ski touring. Some mountaineers and skiers looking for a job are attracted to this sport. In the past, ski touring guide did not know how to ski and only would put on skies and ascend a few meters with the poor tourists then, use knee pain or avalanche transceiver problem as an excuse to leave the tourists alone.

Fortunately now is a different story, and we have good Iran ski touring guide . Unfortunately still there are some people that say they are a ski touring guide to Iran tour operators which are doing business in their office and by seeing a few pictures and videos employ these newbies.

They are usually Iran mountain guides that spend little money and effort to become ski touring guides. I know a lot of companies employed such cheap people and had to apologize to tourists. Another group of Iran ski touring guides are good skiers but not good mountaineers and live in villages close to ski resorts like Dizin ski resort . Unfortunately most of them don’t know how to speak English. I validate these guides as ski touring assists. Reality is that you can’t expect me to explain the history of ski touring in Iran in a short time. We have good Iran ski touring guides in and every year that number increases although the total of good ski touring guides in Iran is less than 10.

Iran Ski Touring Guide , iran ski touring,iran ski tourung tour.

Which Iran ski tour shall we go to?

There are 2 main mountain ranges in in Iran: Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges. These mountain ranges have so many peaks above 4000 meters that have not been discovered for skiing. If you like me are not interested in typical and general ski touring, I can promise you most peaks in Iran haven’t been skied on. For example Alamut mountain area has several peaks higher than 4000 meters that are very beautiful and exciting to climb and only I have skied on them. In winter if the weather is suitable for skiing, I go to a new area for ski touring. You need a lot of experience to tell which area has snow suitable for skiing and which area has avalanche risk. The season for ski touring in Iran is different every year.

In the beginning of January ski resort open but for ski touring it is still early because layers of snow are not deep enough so that your skies will not get caught on rocks and bushes. I guarantee you if you like to travel to Iran for ski touring and ascending peaks other than Damavand, Alam Kuh, and Sabalan, then February and March is the best time and there is fresh power for enjoyable skiing. At the end of March I go to higher mountains in Iran.

Mount Sabalan in North West of Iran with an elevation of 4811 meters is ascendable at that time and has a lot of snow to provide enjoyable skiing. In the first of mountain Damavand gets a bit warmer but mountain Alam kuh which I think is, the best skiing area in the Middle East, is ascendable from April. Damavand like Alam Kuh is ascendable until June. One of most attractive Ski tours is Iran is Mountain Alam Kuh Ski touring from north face. This tour is an Iran adventure tour that provides enjoyable skiing several times more than Damavand ski tour.


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