Mountain Damavand ski tour information | Iran tour operator

Mountain Damavand ski tour information | Iran tour operator

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Damavand Ski Tour information


Mountain Damavand ski touring tour could be defined as the most general Midle-east ski touring tour. The climb path was from the south face due to its popular shelter known as the third camp, which was so convenient. we went to the Damavand ski tour from the western face several times which seemed to be far higher in quality and enjoyment than the Mount Damavand climbing in the southern face. But this was an expedition, since you had to go 90 around Damavand and carry all your personal belongings yourself. I have never seen a team from another country coming to Iran tour to climb Mount Damavand by skiing from the west face. But if you have the ability to climb with the conditions I said, don’t miss this opportunity. This is more enjoyable than the south face; especially it has a good shelter at a height of 4170

There is no doubt since Damavand is the tallest mountain in the Middle East, skiing from the top of this mountain is so pleasant. By the way, this Iran adventure tour is also famous but is it also the best Iran ski touring tour?

If climbing a high summit is not different to you and you like skiing in the snow powder more, we think Mount Damavand tour would be a better option on the Iran ski touring tour. we have climbed the mount many times with skiing, but maybe we have only enjoyed 8 times skiing in the powder snow on Mount Damavand. If you decide to go climbing on the Pamir Mountains or Himalayan mountains, climbing Mount Damavand is better option.

Personally, I like climbing and skiing tour more in a height of 4000m of mountains of central Alborz in the north of Tehran, which is snow-covered during the winter. For acclimatization beforeMountain Damavand ski tour, it is better to ask help of Iran tour operator and make sure that you choose other mountains with respect to your Iran tour’s time and good weather. It is important to make a quick climb to Mount Damavand. The last point is that in these years, even during the Damavand ski tour season, these shelters are crowded and accommodation in the shelter is booked by various Iran adventure tour companies a few months ago. Ask your Iran tour operator to book a sleep place in base camp and camp 3 shelters a few months ago before your Iran tour.

Iran ski tour information ,Iran ski touring guide book


Damavand Ski Tour information


There is a mistake that I have not yet forgiven myself for.

Not so early in the morning, we left Rineh with 4*4 car. There was no long way from Rineh to the beginning of crossing of dirt road in Damavand’s camp 2 (Gosfan sara). The distance from the beginning of the crossing road, which was full of bumpiness, to camp 2 was 14 km at a height of 3050 m. Most of the times, this road was blocked during Damavand ski tour season due to the high volume of snow. Climbing from the beginning of the dirt road with ski was not much difficult, since the path was so easy and took a maximum of 1.5 hours. That day, we went to camp 2 (Gosfand sara) of Mount Damavand with our car.

We first gave the belongings to porters. Porters were people from Afghanistan, came to Iran to earn money. The second camp did not have good facilities, a very simple cabin and no more. You try to not choose Damavand camp 2 for staying either on the Damavand trekking tour or on the Damavand ski tour. The way was a bit inclined to the west.

The weather was nice and springy, but we knew that tomorrow was not a good day to climb. The way through a small valley was very easy to a height of 3500 m. After that, the slope of the way reaches 30 º. It is needed to say that there is no risk of avalanche at any point at all Mount Damavand. I said this to all tourists and they did not listen to me and brought avalanche relief supplies with themselves. But when they arrived to Mountain Damavand, they regretted carrying these avalanche relief supplies. The last avalanche occurred in Damavand was in 1984 which was negligible and out of the ski touring path. All of us climbed the steep slope. When we approached the shelter, the weather was getting worse. We started climbing from camp 2 at 9 and reached camp 3 at Damavand at a height of 4170 m at 14:00, where porters arrived there before us.

The third camp of Damavand has two floors and has no heating system. You can see a small shop in the first floor which offers the most basic food like mineral water. There is equipped with electricity and you can charge your mobile phone. Electricity capacity is low because it uses solar system. The first floor has a large dinning hall with chair and table and two specified rooms that must have been booked a few months in advance. The second floor has a large bedroom with 60 beds. You must bring your own sleeping bag and mat. I suggest you to bring a pair of slippers in order to walk easily in the camp and to get rid of ski boots.

Iran ski tour information ,Iran ski touring guide book


Damavand Ski Tour information


We rested in a shelter and warmly welcomed Thomas and his friends with hot soup and tea. However, here was not the same as base camp of Alam Kuh. Early in the morning at 5:30 we left the shelter. The chill of air was -6 º C and the snow level was quite hard. We had sat up harsh irons on the skis from last night.

These harsh irons were indispensable tool at the Damavand ski tour and a light climbing pickaxe could be useful. The climbing path to Mountain Damavand was right in front of the shelter. After a few minutes, it ended a steep of 55 º, which started from the height of 4300 m and its slope was suddenly halved at a height of 5000m.

We traversed to the left, to the west side of valley, and again continued to the point of the snow. The steep increased at the last 300m . But the summit was so close to you that you could no longer think of anything except climbing Mount Damavand. Benjamin, the youngest person in the group, returned from near the shelter, due to the headache caused by the height. We also climbed the last steep and put the skis on the snow at the last snow point of the path, which was at a height of 5500 m.

From here, 20 m of snow was usually hard. Most of Iran ski touring guides told their tourists to bring Crampon for climbing. But I never suggested doing that, carrying more than 1kg for 5 min? It was unreasonable. We traversed some meters to the left and climbed easily over the soft snows and rocks. Cloud densities were increasing from that morning and from the start point of climbing. In general, Mountain Damavand weather in spring is not much predictable and differed every hour. When we took off the skis, I asked Thomas “is that acceptable, to a height of5500 m?” I and Austrian team were lost while landing just last week and found the shelter very hardly. Thomas said for 100 m! I couldn't say anything, As usual. From there, the path had low slope and was completely on Sulfur gravel and snow never fell on that. Low-slope but boring path. Sulfur smoke leaked out of small holes everywhere. Make sure not to get close to these chimneys, especially the main chimney of Mount Damavand.

If you passed with a few meters distance, it would be no problem. But if you got too close to the chimney, sulfur gas could cause facial pimples and herpes on the lips. So, avoid contacting with sulfur stone and soil as much as possible. In the case of touching them, do not rub your hands on your eyes and face. Climbing this part, known as sulfur Hill, took almost one hour. The weather was getting worse every moments and the wind was blowing with more speed. After 7 hours effort, we reached to the Peak of Mount Damavand at 12 am. We were all happy and hugged each other. We took memorial pictures. The cold weather didn’t allow us to stay on the top of the mountain.

In a few minutes, a lot of snow began to fall and we came back to the shelter. After 200 m landing, the vision was completely restricted. “Oh my God, which way is our way?”

Mount Damavand, which was so easy to climb, had many accidents, most of which was due to losing the way back. The reason of that was the blowing of wind from the left side or west side. When you lost your way, the wind blow slowly pulled you to the east side of the mountain, which you could see big glacier valley there known as the largest Iran’s glacier. The probability of death was certain, if you entered to the valley.

Tomas and I looked at each other anxiously. I took out my backpack to turn on the GPS. But there was no GPS in backpack. My God! the depth of vision was not more than 3 m and we were at a height of 5500 m. I was still ashamed of Thomas and his friends. I put the GPS in my backpack pocket, when we were packing on that last night. I thought I did not close the zipper and the GPS was lying under bed. I told Thomas and he was having a stroke. “It’s ok, you give me your GPS to find the shelter easily”, I said. He said, “I saw you took your GPS and I didn’t take mine anymore”. Thomas's friends were very tired and I was confused. Maybe if I were with my friend I would make a better decision. But if I was with some foreign tourists and something unimportant was happened, they would behave me harshly.

Ecause there were strict rules for Iran tour guides. Thomas got so mad and began nagging. His friends mediated and said, “Thomas we can't go down this mountain with fight.” Thomas agreed them and said, “Ok let this shelter go, just leave me to the foot of the mountain safe.” I said surely, “It’s ok, I can do this even with closed eyes.” So we moved to the opposite direction of wind blow to not being trapped in the glacier valley. I knew the path from the west side of the mountain was so far but was so safe. We began to descend after a boring traverse. The weather got a little better up to the height of 4400 m. Thomas yelled, “Shelter is there.” Yes, we could see the shelter’s orange roof. But it was the western shelter. Everyone was happy, but I knew we had a long way to go.

That day we walked to 10 pm and we arrived at Mount Damavand Base Camp in polour city. When we returned to Tehran the next day, I invited Thomas and other friends to our house to apologize. They were amazed with the foods my mother made for them. Thomas said, “Yesterday we were very bothered, but it was good as you find a safe way, and of course missing the way was good fortune to have tonight's party.”

After this event, I always check my belongings carefully. Another year we lost the way when landing with Austrian team. When I took out my GPS, it was frozen after 100 m. Someone said, “don't worry I have GPS.” It was already frozen, but I had a bad experience. I had a compass with myself, and we reached the shelter without any trouble.

Iran ski tour information ,Iran ski touring guide book


Damavand Weather in Ski Seasons


One of the most important things you have to care in Mount Damavand tour is the weather. Before climbing the Damavand with tourists, I always go to the other mountains like Mount Dobarar (Lasem) or Mount Alam kuh . We consider there for skiing for acclimatization a few days. We constantly check the weather conditions and finish Mountain Damavand climbing at the best time in two days.


Damavand Weather in February


Mountain Damavand is climbable from second half of February. At this time of the year, you can see good snow on all the mountains of Iran. The weather is either very sunny or very snowy. For acclimatization beforemountain Damavand ski tour, go to North Mountains of Tehran, Taleghan or around the Dizin resort, instead of the Dobarar (Lasem) Mountains which has the risk of avalanche this month. The average of chill of the mountain is -10


Damavand Weather in March


You can go to the area of Dobarar Mountains (Lasem) or Alam Kuh. An incredible experience of snow skiing is waiting for you. But Damavand is still a bit chilly. As the spring season approaches, Damavand's weather is constantly changing like all mountains in Iran. Everything goes down from the sky. Usually in the morning it will be sunny and in the afternoon snowy. This month I will try my best to climb the Dobarar Mountains to use a rural house in the village of Lasem to go to the Damavand’s General Base Camp. It is not reasonable to pass through this village every day, because the road of this village is snowy.


Damavand weather in April


There is no news about snow powder anymore. Climbing Mount Damavand is very easy with skiing, except Alam Kuh. The chance of sunny weather is higher and the wind speed decreases. I have photographed and filmed many times without gloves on the summit of

Prepared Iran horizon team


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