Alam kuh ski tour information |Iran ski touring guide book|Iran tour operator

Alam kuh ski tour information |Iran ski touring guide book|Iran tour operator

Iran ski tour information ,Iran ski touring guide book


Alam kuh Ski Touring Tour information


It was early April/2012 and I (as an Iran ski touring guide) with a group of four from Munich traveled from Tehran first to Alam kuh tour. Since I returned from the Damavand ski tour yesterday, I was still tired. We had been doing the same tour in undesirable weather condition for 9 days with a group of five from Tiruliai, Austria.


Alam kuh tour first day


In the morning, firstly we moved from hotel to Karaj city, 45 km far from Tehran, with a car and middle bus through highway. Then we crossed the belt road to the beautiful Kandovan road. This road was two-lane mountainous winding road and its highest point was the Kandovan Gorge with a height of 3270m, which crossed through the Hyrcanian forests. This road connected Karaj to Caspian Sea and Chalus City after 175km. But we changed our way form the small town of Marzanabad, 25 kilometers before Chalus, to the west and passed through the luxurious villa houses on Kelardasht Road, a city in the jungle. We arrived in Kelardasht after 45km. Since Kelardasht was the last city on the way of Alam kuh tour, I told Thomas and others, “Prepare if you need something. You can prepare all the food and everything in Kelardasht city”.

After a small purchase, we kept going on straight to the beautiful jungle village of Rudbarak. There was a Carriage-way bridge at the beginning of the village, bringing us to the river. We crossed through the village and arrived in Mountaineering Federation Camp after a few minutes, which had good facilities and was very clean and tidy and located in a beautiful and climatic area. If you intend to travel to this area in summer, this place can be a good residence in your Iran tour travel.

Rooms are on the top floor, which have bed and bathroom, and you can see a dining hall and a kitchen on the ground floor. You will be able to get the Alam kuh tour license there.

Since Iran is one of the most popular countries in cooking, I always tell my assistances to cook a new traditional Iranian food every day. You can rarely find these delicious foods in restaurants on your Iran tour. That night we welcomed Thomas and his friends with a Tabrizian city traditional food.

Iran ski tour information ,Iran ski touring guide book


Alam kuh ski tour second day


After providing the skiing equipment in the morning and placing the excessive equipment in the camps, we moved from Rudbarak camps to Vandarbon, which was the base camp Mountain Alam Kuh, by the 4*4 car. A dirt road for 15km with much bumpiness crossed through the jungle and ended to the beginning of the mountainous area in Vandarbon. I’ve arranged for carrying the loads and something else with mules. Vandarbon is exactly the crossroads of south face and the north face of Alam kuh. We intended to climb the south face of Alam kuh ( Alan kuh normal route) . So we should continue left side of the river. After delivering the loads to the muleteer, we burdened the skiing equipment about one hour. We went there in a good time and the season for going to Alam kuh tour began from March. While passing the way, which was so easy, the herds of goats were crossing the rocks around us and we were taking some photos. After one hour, we arrived at the beginning of the snow and the camp place at a height of 2750ALT near to the river with a clear and drinking water. Remember that the place camp of Alam kuh ski tour is not the same with Alam kuh trekking tour and has long distance. The surface of land is always dry, so you will have a comfortable stay.

Everything was going on well. There were a lot of valleys and a good skiing traks around us. Thomas’s team and I went uphill of the ski camp, and my co-workers were setting up the camp tents. Actually, there was nowhere related to shelter. But I always bring good facilities such as dinning tent with chair and table, kitchen tent and sleep tent for multiple teams. There was no place better than here with these facilities.

The most important issue to note at the Akam kuh ski tour is that if the weather is bad and the snowfall is occurring in the area, your chances of success are very low and, like all Iran adventure tours, and people in villages cannot speak English, and this problem will be with you throughout all the Iran tours.

Iran ski tour information, Iran ski touring guide book


Alam kuh ski tour third day


We covered the skis at 7:30 in the morning and continued up the valley path. It was still a bit declivity to the Tangeh Gallo and it was easy to continue. We arrived to the Tangeh Gallo after one hour. If you want to come to Alam kuh trekking tour from the south face in summer, 4*4 cars can bring you just to this point. After the Tangeh Gallo , the climb track suddenly becomes so high, with approximately 35 Degree slope (we prepared a good explanation in itinerary of Iran Horizon in the infographic section). You should climb the narrow valley about 15m wide and 200m long.

During two weeks, it was the second time that I was there. In both times we were safe in terms of risk of avalanche. This valley is the only position in all Alam kuh which has the risk of avalanche and there is have no other choices to pass this way. I emphasize that again if you choose the right season and good weather, you can climb this way without high risk. Based on the conditions I said, I found the risk of avalanche appropriate for this level 2 valley. It took us almost 20 minutes to climb the hilly part of valley. Thomas told, “We are not

yet ready to climb the summit of Alam kuh, and we feel a bit headache.

It seems completely sensible. So let’s go to one mountain with less height”. I told them, “It’s ok, but we should climb this 2 -hour path again to climb to the summit of Alam kuh” . Thomas told, “No problem, we've come from Germany to here to do that and it's easy”. After crossing the valley, the way would be easy again. We were surrounded by summits over 4200 m. It was not difficult, but it was only enough to select one of the summits of theMount Alam kuh area by our own test. We went to Hesar Chal, which was the base camp of Alam kuh trekking tour in summer. Its height was 3450 m. Thomas looked at around and asked, “which one we are going to climb?” like the last week; I selected some summits except Lashkarak summit for skiing. The north face of summits had better snows.

So, we moved from Hesar Chal to the left, western side of the area. After a while, we started to climb with a slope of approximately 40 degree. But there was no risk of avalanche. My guess was right, since the Lashkarak Mountain was wonderful with the height of 4200 m and I felt that while climbing. We enjoyed watching the landscape around and Mount Alam kuh was still above us.

From here, it became much easier. We prepared the skis and quickly came back to our camp which took us one hour. It is necessary to remember that point that not only on Alam kuh tour, Damavand ski tour but also on all Iran ski touring tours you will not encounter ice crevasses like the Alp and Himalayan mountains. Also, none of the Iran ski touring tour introduced by Iran horizon will cross through rocky areas, and Iran adventure tour makes you comfortable. In general, you do not need the knowledge and ability to technically climb.

Iran ski tour information, Iran ski touring guide book


Alam kuh ski tour fourth day


Today we will try to climb Alam kuh. So we left the camp early at 5:00 am. A bit level of snow was frozen but we did not need harsh iron. Thomas and his friends were much more prepared, and we arrived much faster than yesterday at the Hesar Chal) Alam kuh base camp) of the summer camp. This time, when we reached the far end of Hesar Chal, we turned to the right side or northwest side. The climb path was very slight and easy but long. When we arrived to the main slop of the summit, we saw 40 degrees steep slope with 300 m long. However, Iran ski touring guide climbs to the Alam kuh summit less. Most of the guides choose the mountains around. We climbed this area on the way of Alam kuh trekking tour with detour.

It was about 1:00 pm when we arrived at the top of Alam kuh. Some of them were really tired and resting after some steps at the end of the path, especially if the skis were on their back. But they were surprised by seeing the landscapes. Benny said he had never seen a beautiful mountain like this before. We had plenty of time and the weather was great. We sat for one hour on the top, talked to each other and then left for skiing.

We settled the steep slope with much attention and after that it was easy and slight. Every one left to the one side of the Mountain , enjoying skiing on the snow in the Alam kuh. That night, the chef welcomed us with other delicious food and we were talking in the dining tent until the end of the night, since tomorrow we could sleep late until the muleter arrived at the camp.

Iran ski tour information, Iran ski touring guide book


Alam kuh ski tour fifth day


After a deep and enjoyable sleep in the morning, we packed our belongings and tents with mules’ arrival. We went to skiing to Vandarben. We left the skis at the end of snows to be carried with mules. After two hours we all arrived at 4 x 4 cars.

We took the road back to Rudbarak on the impassable road with cars after a short break. We moved to Kelardash and Kandovan road with the middle bus I arranged before. We needed some days resting beforeMount Damavand ski tour. After that, we tried to continue Kandovan road to near coastal city of Chalus and went to Nashtarud city through belt road. From there to Mahmudabad.

city, the road was narrow highway. There were Hyrcanian forests, which were recently listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Iranian rice fields, on the right side of road. There was the world’s largest lake on the left side of the road. On that day, we walked about 150 km of the path and spent the night at a quite coastal hotel.

Mahmudabad was one of the caviar centers of Iran. Before leaving, we went to the traditional fish market, where the fresh fish had just been caught. Thomas bought some caviar. I thought they wanted to do doping for the Mount Damavand tour. After Mahmoudabad, we went to the mountainous road of Haraz. We had to drive from a height of 11 m above sea level to a height of 2150 m above sea level, where was the small town of Rineh in the foot of the mountain. The path was not long. At noon we arrived at the base camp at Mount Damavand Camp. In the evening, we were packing up the equipment we needed at camp three. We had to place them in suitable duffle bags with a maximum weight of 18 kg to be carried by Afghanistan porters to the Damavand third camp(Bargah-e-sevom.

Iran ski tour information, Iran ski touring guide book

Alam Kuh Ski Tour from North Face


Now, let's look at the information of ski touring tour Alam kuh from north face and I think that this is not only one of the biggest Iran ski touring tour, but also it will deliver you the nonparallel experience from the Iran adventure tour. It is required to stress that you should be with special Iran tour operator for Alam kuh ski tour from north face. Climbing requires precise planning, especially if you need a porter for carrying the loads to Alam kuh north face camp (Sarchal Shelter) . If you are partly professional mountaineer and skier, do not hesitate to choose this Iran adventure tour. However, this mountaineering is not a kind of professional mountaineering and needs just good physical fitness. So we suggest you climb both the Alam kuh north and south faces for and don’t look Damavand ski tour so valuable while climbing at the height.

we have climbed Alam kuh north face in the winter many times to run various expeditions, such as the circular path for Germanys and climbing the great wall of Alam kuh. The climb season can be much longer than the south face path, since _with choosing the right path_ the risk of avalanche will never threaten you and this path will be safe from early January to late April.

After moving from Tehran, it is suggested to go to the second camp of the Alam kuh in Vandarbon and stay there. Since next morning is the longest day of climbing you should start climbing early in the morning.

On the first day, you should try to reach Sarchal Shelter at a height of 3650 from Vandarbon at a height of 2350 m in one day. However, this climbing is not difficult in early spring. We go on to the right side of the river from Vandarbon. We may need to shoulder the skis for two hours. But in the tours, we try to take this to porters or mules since the path is by the river and on the south side which usually has little snow. When we reach the final part of the river, there will be a huge rock in the shape of a ship in the valley which is known as rock ship. We turn to the left side, since the path of skiing is completely different from the path of climbing. They climbed directly from the top of the rock ship because there was less snow. But, for skiing, I went with traverse, with 200 m long on the left side; to reach the opposite narrow valley. Then we climbed from there with ski.

It was enough to follow the valley path to a height of 3200 m. We would observe two valleys at the end of this path. The valley on the right side with a relatively steep slope was our climbing path. When you get almost out of the valley you can see the signposts, which is the same general climbing path. One way on the right will take you to the Sarchal area, which will take less than one hour to climb. When you climb this way, the Sarchal shelter will become quite obvious. So you will have a comfortable path ahead. In the early spring, climbing to the shelter will take a maximum of 8 hours.

Sarchal shelter is a comfortable place for some days’ resident. It has three large bedrooms with 60 beds. You can stay there even for 6 days and climb the mountains higher than 4500 m. Since there are many summits very close to the Alam Kuh area and all of them are easily climbable with ski. Climbing the Alam Kuh is very difficult and I never recommend doing that. But many mountains, like mountain Takht-e- Suleyman at 4700 m, mountain Shaneh kuh at 4400 m, mountain Chalun at 4350 m, Siah Ghok at 4300 m, Sar Chal at 4250 , are very close to the shelter and climbing them gives you a feeling of unique pleasure. From shelter to Vandarbon camp, which is still passed by ski, will take about 4 hours. The advantage of south face of Alam Kuh is that you can stay at high altitude in a comfortable shelter.

Prepared Iran horizon team


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