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Iran ski tour |Dizin ski resort tour Information | Iran tour operator

Dizin Ski resort Tour information


Dizin Sports Complex is the largest ski resort in the Middle East located about 95 km from the Kandovan mountainous road that connects Karaj to the coastal town of Chalus. There was a shorter path to Tehran than winter 2018 which arrived to Shemshak and Darband Sar ski resort.But for the accident of avalanche, we are sure that the road will not be opened for some next years.

The good question that many people interested in Iran ski tours ask me is that “do women have to wear the hijab there”? No, like all outdoor activities in Iran, in Dizin ski resort does not need to wear the hijab. However, there were strict rules until 20 years ago, so that the ski resort of men and women were separated. But this issue has been completely dismissed in ski resort for these years, following fading the women’ hijab in cities. You can enjoy skiing in the sunny weather without any scarf. Girls and boys are skiing freely and doing everything with a little distance.

The second question that is e-mailed to we is that “I am with my girlfriend (boyfriend) and both of us are not still married. Can we stay together in hotels and other residences and resorts”? Yes, you can easily stay together wherever you want without marriage certificate and enjoy the Iran adventure tour.

Iran ski tour,Iran ski touring tour.


Dizin Ski resort Tour information


The Dizin ski resort area and the road leading to it are definitely the snowiest areas in all of Iran Mountains. When we reach the mountainous road of Kandovan from Karaj, 20 km after that we can see the mountains above 3500 m around Dizin ski resort with an average altitude of about 4300 m. Zagros ski tour is more attractive for foreign tourists, since it is close to Isfahan and desert and you can see the rural life.

If your goal on Iran tour is just an Iran ski touring tour, the Dizin ski resort is probably more attractive. For Iran ski touring tours in the area of Dizin ski resort, we usually try to choose climbing paths through north and northeast faces. So far, we have found 18 paths for ski touting in Kandovan road to Dizin ski resort, which each of them ended to a different Mountain and their explanations are not covered in this paper.

Dizin ski resort is suitable for the

Iran ski touring tour.

However finding the climbing path for the ski touring just around the Dizin ski resort is not much difficult. But if you decide to have a lovely Iran ski touring tour, it is definitely better to use the advices of an experienced Iran ski touring guide which is familiar with the area. Due to the condition of snowfall and avalanche risk, any time of ski season is suitable for some mountains in the area. In addition to the use of facilities of Dizin ski resort (the biggest Iran ski resort), you can enjoy climbing other mountains in your Iran adventure tour.

We suggest you to consider at least 5 days for climbing the surrounding mountains. There are good hotels near the Dizin ski resort and in the Dizin ski itself. The villages around the resort also have houses to rent that are more economical and enjoyable. From late January to late March is the best time for a Iran ski tour. Powder snow is seen in most of the mountains in Iran, including the mountains around the Dizin resort.

In addition to a good Iran ski touring guide, try to have a 4*4 car during your travel. The reason of that is to climb easily the available mountains by the side roads. It is better to have all your belongings in ski touring, since the only rentable equipment is the Alpine skiing and snowboard equipment. But we can rent ski touring equipment in Iran Horizon company. For this area and in all the mountains in Iran, the weather is very snowy or very sunny and calm in winter. Based on my experience, the weather usually becomes clear and sunny after the maximum of 3 snowy days and this condition continues for about 5 days. The days are usually sunny and there is heavy snowfall at night. For ski touring in Dizin ski resort area and any place else in Alborz Mountain range, make sure that you have rescue equipment of avalanches. Since we study about Dizin ski touring tour, i t’s better to present information about Dozen ski resort.

Iran ski tour,Iran ski touring tour.


Iran ski tour,Iran ski touring tour.


Dizin Ski Resort Conditions

The Dizin ski resort starts at an altitude of 2450 m and its summit place is at an altitude of 3700. The area of Dizin is so snowy that it doesn’t need any snow maker machine. We have been skiing many times at all the ski resorts in Iran and Turkey and Georgia countries. Darband Sar ski resort is much better than Dizin ski resort in terms of quality and management and its facilities are not much different from facilities of European ski resort. But the range and width of Dizin ski resort are several times greater than Darband Sar ski resort. Also, if you are interested in skiing on the powder snow, Dizin ski resort is much better and enjoyable than Turkey and Georgia ski resorts. This is due to the Dizin area and the north of Tehran city, which will be full of snow with one night snowfall. Also, there are no shrubs or rocks around the resort, which is considered as the ski off, to disturb while skiing.

Dizin ski resort was opened in 1985. At the present time, the entire length of the resorts is about 20km which its snows are powdered everyday by snow knocker machines. This resort has 4 cabin lift lines and 3 chair lift lines. Unfortunately, the cabins are small and old. I think that these machines are related to last 30 year technology. In the winter of 2015, all ski resorts in Iran were closed by Standard Organization and they claimed that lifts are out-of-date and Standard Organization should guarantee the health of the skier. Therefore, the basic lifting services were taken place to ensure at least the skiers' health. Now, machines are not changed but much safer.

For many years, the helicopter has been considered for those interested in hely ski in the surrounding mountains. You can fly from around Tehran to surrounding mountains with previous arrangement and have so much fun on the mountains north of Tehran. There are some restaurants and cafes inside the resort area and some chairs to sunbathe and have hot drinks.

At the end, although lifts of Dizin resorts are old, the Dizin ski resort area is so amazing for ski off resort and ski training with regard to trained instructors. On the other hand, this ski resort is much easier. Entry ticket price is less than 20 Euros for less than one day and stay and food are cheaper than European and surrounding countries. There are stores around and even inside the resort that sell and rent all ski equipment.

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