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Climbing Tochal peak

Tochal with the height of 3996 m is located in the capital city of Iran. This mountain has many mountain complexes around Tehran so it makes it easy to climb. Visitors who visit other cities of Iran will face an opportunity to make memorable hiking in Tochal as well visiting Tehran.

Price from PP / €
Duration / Days or more
HardNess / Of 10
Full Board
BestTime To Travel
March to October

Trip Wows

Nearest mountain in Tehran
full entertainment facilities
Climb to a height of 4000 m


Accommodate in tent or shelter
Professional mountain guide
Full board meal and drink
Private Transfer form Hotel in tehran


Day to Day

Day 1Hiking day

Mountain guide will pick you up from hotel with prior arrangement. We will start hiking from Sarband square. We will have lunch at a restaurant at the beginning of the route. you can't find any other place like Darband with its convoluted restaurants in Iran. After having Iranian lunch head to shelter at Shirpala. You can see restaurants all over the path. At Shirpala, you can relax and enjoy watching Tehran lights at night.

The Accommodation :
The Food service :

Day 2Climb peak/back to Tehran

After having breakfast, leave the shelter. More going up, more astonishing places that you can watch. It takes about 3 hours to reach Tochal peak. We will be back thorough descending path to Darband. Our Guides will drop you off at your hotel.

The Accommodation :
The Food service :

Climbing Tochal peak


Climbing Tochal peak
Climbing Tochal peak

Shirpala mountain complex

Climbing Tochal peak
Climbing Tochal peak

tochal peak

Climbing Tochal peak
Climbing Tochal peak

Sarband to Shirpala

Climbing Tochal peak
Climbing Tochal peak

Sarband Square

Climbing Tochal peak

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Saturday, June 27, 2020 99
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