Iran tourist dress code |Iran travel gude

Iran tourist dress code |Iran travel gude

Women dress code in Iran

Waring hijab for women is mandatory in Iran


However hijab in general is not as restricted as in Arabian countries especially for tourists and foreigners.

The dress code for women in Iran is decent and covered; for example, a long coat, long sleeve shirt or simply a Manteau over your regular clothes to cover the body plus a headscarf to cover the hairs. In case your headscarf is not tight enough and your hairs were not completely covered nothing will happen to you, the worst scenario would be a kind and polite reminder or request to obey the rules. We also kindly invite you to respect the law, especially in crowded public places like bazar and mosques.


There is absolutely no restriction for colorful outfit or headscarf, choosing dark color is not necessary and is not recommended, if you travel to Iran in summer we also suggest to choose bright colors and a light loose long-sleeve shirt.


Since Iranian women mostly wear Manteau in public spaces this outfit plays a big role in women fashion market, and you will see that Iranian women wear stylish design of Manteau especially in Tehran. Please consider that wearing manteau is not necessary for tourists, and a long loose shirt is proper enough.
Although Iran is a Muslim country but we like to promote a moderate and peaceful religion that respects others. Many women in Iran wear the headscarf like an accessory in this way they try to stay fashionable and obey the rules.

So once again you can wear your normal outfit in Iran like your tight jeans and shirt just you need to wear a long sleeve light coat over your outfit, you can also wear hats instead of head scarves. Your pants should cover your legs up to ankles. Wearing sandals in summer is quite normal.
You will see that is not going to be complicated and no tourist has ever faced any issues or inconvenience.


Hiking, ski and other outdoor activities


Woman can wear their proper outfit for the related activity in nature and there is no need to wear a headscarf or Manteau in nature. Women can also weare short sleeve shirt or three-quarter pants in nature. Since there is no crowd in the nature your outfit is completely depends on your taste and of course the climate conditions of the region.


Men’s dress code


• men’s dress code is simpler, men can wear their proper jeans or pants with a middle sleeve or long sleeve shirt. Three-quarter pants are not proper, please avoid shorts and sleeveless shirts.


Suitable outfit in different seasons


Iran is a country that possess the four-season climate conditions. In summer Tehran temperature can reach up to 38 degrees and in winter between 5 to -3 degrees. The Most rainy/snowy months in spring are between April and May and in winter between October and November. We suggest that you check the weather condition of the regions that you like to visit with us in advance.