This soul is around the body, like the firmament around the earth
The body is unmalleable, but the soul is in travel
Pass these places on the earth
Know about the horizon, becuse you are the sun and the moon

Iran is a unique country which has culture and traditions that have developed over 5,000 years, national and regional which remain for tourists to involve. Iran Horizon is a tour operator based in Tehran, Iran. we shine at helping you have the best travels. Not just any travel, but extraordinary ones filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences. We’re a curious team of creative ardent travelers . We’re proud to be prime the charge in Iran touring industry. If you love exploration and travel, welcome home

Who we are?

we are a expert travel team which discover different aspects of Iran tourist attractions for years. Our team consist of cultural scientists, historian, mountain climbers and ecotourists who decide to introduce our proudful culture to the world. With our authorities help and free consultancy , you would have the possibility to customize your own travel and we would give you a extensive range of Iran's natural and historical attractions.


Why Iran Horizon?

We do not waste your time or hard-earned money . We not only introduce our customers to the major highlights of Iran, but also its cultures and lifestyles through connection with local people .All our travels are customizable. Our travelers enjoy great flexibility.


Our Misson

Our mission is offer you a deep and detailed look to Iran's attractions. Iran Horizon want to discover interesting historical and natural aspects of Iran together .Our specialists will give you a special and memorable experience and we will glad to be your fellow traveler. We will customize all details with your wishes and interests. Our team will show you somewhere which are the most pristine and Eye-catching. Our tours include those that minimize the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment and enhance the cultural integrity of local people.


Our Guide


Which tour is suitable for me ?

Do tours have any special phisical demandings ?
We catogorised tours in the matter of physical issues from "Easy" to "Hard". You can find these labels on the page of tours.

is any age limits for tours?
For city tours we don't have any age limits , but in other tours (e.g ski touring, hiking and etc.) we have age limits sometimes.

How should I know the details and info of tours ?
in all info of tours we have essential info.

Is it ok to join if we travel alone?
Yes. You can join and meet new people.

Is it possible for a single girl to travel?
Yes. She can come easily to Iran .

How many people join to tours?
it depends to the tour. But generally our tour hold from 1 person to 15.

What should i pack ?
it depends to the tour and we have the info for each tour.

I am a vegetarian . Does Iran Horizon have a suitable diet for me?
Yes. we will arrange that. Just let us know your diet before the trip.

I have a special diet. Does Iran Horizon have a suitable one for me?
Yes. we will arrange that. Just let us know your diet before the trip.

Do i need travel insurance ?
Yes. we will arrange that. Our insurance covers accidents, injured, death, loss of luggage and personal liabilities.

Is there western toilets available ?
Yes. Most of places have western toilets.

Can i book extra nights of hotel?
Yes, but you should let us know as soon as you want to do.

Do you book international flights?
Yes, but of sanctions is better for you to book from your country.

What is the best type of luggage to bring?
We recommend you to bring backpacks and duffel bag.

Will my mobile work?
We cant guarantee you, but you can ask your phone provider. We will provide you Iranian SIM with high speed internet.

How we should carry money ?
Because of sanctions the international credit card don't work in Iran. Don't worry, most of our tours are full service and you don't need to pay money. But we will provide you a way to pay money.

Where i can change money?
You can change at the airport,but cities exchange have better rate.

Can i store excess luggage ?
Yes. You can store your luggage and objects in Hotels.

Is it safe to drink water of taps?
Yes. Iran water system is healthy and safe, although you can buy mineral water everywhere.