Damavand tour optimize 3 days |run to Damavand<

Damavand tour optimize 3 days |run to Damavand

This tour can be done on the south and west face. We are able to climb <a href="https://iranhorizon.com/Content/ContentView/?id=38&Where-is-Damavand-(information)">damavand </a> in the shortest time possible. This tour is for people who have acclimatized on other peaks or do not feel the need to acclimatize. A lot of people think Iran Nature is only Desert. By cliombing to Damavand and standing on the tallest peak in the middle east you can tell your friends that there is a lot more than just desert landscape in Iran.

Price :279

Date :Saturday, August 10, 2019

Duration :3


Booking Stage At this stage, please choose your desired date and then fill personal identity in blank.Our collogue will call you ASAP.

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