Dizin ski tour & Taleghan ski touring tour |Most snowy mountains<

Dizin ski tour & Taleghan ski touring tour |Most snowy mountains

This Iran ski touring tour is for those people who are willing to enjoy skiing on powder snow than going on a tour like <a href="https://iranhorizon.com/Content/ContentView/?id=37&Alam-kuh-information(Where-is-Alam-kuh)">Alam kuh </a> montain or <a href="https://iranhorizon.com/Content/ContentView/?id=38&Where-is-Damavand-(information)">damavand </a> ski tour. Iran horizon dares to say, Taleghan and Dizin ski sloop are the snowiest and most interesting Iran ski touring areas. We will stay at local accommodation which is in a quiet area. We will explore a new route for ski .We usually put our skies on in front of the accommodation and no need to walk to go skiing. in Dizin resort , you can use facilities such as restaurant, ski lift, Heli-ski.

Price :449

Date :Monday, January 27, 2020

Duration :8


Booking Stage At this stage, please choose your desired date and then fill personal identity in blank.Our collogue will call you ASAP.

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