Alamut tour, trekkin from Taleghan |Enter Alamut by trekking<

Alamut tour, trekkin from Taleghan |Enter Alamut by trekking

this Alamut tour is designed for people who would like to experience untouched nature via trekking rather than using the car. We enter the area by trekking to be able to fully experience nature and our surroundings. We will explore part of the vital way between silk road and the Caspian Sea and going to the Alamut valley tour, one of most pristine and best preserved areas in Iran. Also, we see local villagers and get a feel of the local culture in this area. Its possible to reach the Caspian Sea with only 2 days more trekking from Alamut mountain.

Price :359

Date :Thursday, May 21, 2020

Duration :5


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