Alamut tour trekking to Caspian Sea & climb Siahlan Peak<

Alamut tour trekking to Caspian Sea & climb Siahlan Peak

In this Alamut tour and Iran north tour we not only get familiar with ancient history of Alamout valley but also be in touch with rural people and their simple life. We will take a journey from the foothills to the tallest Alamut valley peak, Mount Siahlan with a height of 4164 m. Then, we will get to the heart of the Hyrcanian forest of northern Iran and eventually the Caspian Sea. In the past, the classic path of Pichbon was stunning, but today with road construction, car traffic has decreased this beauty. In addition to climbing the tallest Alamut valley peak, we will touch the areas that are still undisturbed, a full journey that will take us to the millennia of history.

Price :449

Date :Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Duration :6


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