Damavand ski tour | Lasem (Dobarar)ski touring tour|Damavand ski guide<

Damavand ski tour | Lasem (Dobarar)ski touring tour|Damavand ski guide

Enjoy climbing damavand by ski with one of the best Iran ski touring guide. Mountain Damavand and Alam kuh are tow highest,s peak in Middle East.Damavand with 5610 meters elevation, is the most popular Iran ski touring tour . but Alam kuh need to A little longer time travel . Also Dobarar Mountain near to Lassem village as one of the nearest ski touring mountain to Damavand peak gives us the possibility to climb it. It's approximately 4000 meter peak and prepare us for proper acclimatization to our Damavand tour. Because all routes designated in Dobarar area is located in the North face of the mountain, snow powder is much better than Damavand peak, therefore ski touring in Dobarar mountain is much more enjoyable than your Damavand ski tour. Iran Horizon recommends people who want to climb mount Damavand by ski touring acclimatize in other mountain areas of Iran.

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Price :595

Date :Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Duration :12


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