Alam kuh tour with experienced guide | private ECO camp<

Alam kuh tour with experienced guide | private ECO camp

<a href="">Alam kuh </a> or Alam kouh mountain is the largest mountain area Alborz mountain range this mountain is the best area for Iran mountain tour. Kelardasht District of Mazandaran Province is located in North of Iran. With an elevation of 4,850 meters, Alam kuh is the second highest peak in Iran after Mount <a href="">damavand </a>. This mountainous region with more than 160 peaks higher than 4000 has deep glaciers and high walls. This region is known as Iranian Alps. Iran Horizon recommends Alam kuh tour as one of best Iran Adventure tour we can first climb to Alam kuh for acclimatization and than easy go to Damavand tour.

Price :359

Date :Saturday, July 27, 2019

Duration :5


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